Class Registration Schedule

Before you start: Sign-in or register here.

If you are registering using the family package, combine all classes into one single cart. When you place your order, please put your family members’ name, email address and classes they are taking into order notes.

Once we receive your order,  an invoice will be sent to you.  We offer monthly payment plans.

SUMMER HOLIDAYS? No problem! If you are taking summer holidays, please note a new start date will need to be selected. If you are taking:

1 week holiday – select 2nd start date,

2 weeks holiday – select 3rd start date ,

This will not affect your ACTUAL start date but will adjust your invoice to reflect the proper amount. You will start your classes at the beginning of our summer season unless you state otherwise. 

Then please go to the make-up calendar and take yourself out of classes that you will be not attending due to holidays once you know when you are taking time off.