Art Therapy Workshop

Each week Karen Stevenson, Professional Art Therapist, Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC) will gently guide you in exploring your creative process for wellness and provide simple art directives for your personal growth. No art experience necessary, just a willingness to experiment with paint, collage, drawing, writing and gentle movement.

These four weeks will focus on themes of self-care, making choices for wellness and reflections of life transitions.  Each week participants will explore a simple art/creative media that can be used in their own wellness journey.

Week 1 – Collage Me – Introduction to art as a process for self-care, self-exploration, and honoring your creative spirit.

Week 2 – Who Am I? – Why is it sometimes hard to answer that question? What roles do we take on that cloud our perceptions of ourselves? Let’s explore how we can stay true to our unique selves.

Week 3 – Where I’m From…. – You will explore “sense of place” and “home”.  You will be guided through a written word piece that incorporates visual art in the process.

Week 4 – Oh the Possibilities!!! – Are you as open to possibilities in life as you’d like? This will be an exploration what has meaning for you through the playful use of paint, images and objects.

All material provided.