Taste of Yoga Workshop – April 18th

Week 1 – Balls & blocks & straps, oh my!

Yoga sequences & series mixed in with mobility work, fascial release and some calming breath work. Challenge your body with some unconventional movement patterns to help with your balance, range of motion and muscle imbalances.
No props will be harmed in this class.

Week 2 – Mindful Motion Flow

A slow mindful practice with a well balanced blend of various styles of yoga. Slow transitions, longer hold times and movements that flow together with your breath to encourage calmness of our body and mind. Props and modifications will be offered throughout the class throughout the class.

Week 3 – Yin & Yang

This Yin & Yang Hatha practice focuses on restoring ones balance both physically and mentally. The Yang portion of this practice symbolizes the physical portion of the practice. Flowing through some traditional and not so traditional yoga sequences to develop strength in the body. The Yin portion of this practice focuses on longer hold times in restorative poses to encourage deeper relaxation.

Week 4 – Renew and Restore

Soothe the body and mind with this gentle and restorative practice. Release tension throughout your body by holding gentle, supported and restful poses. If you are looking for a place where you can rest and relax away from your busy schedule then this is the practice for you. Suitable for all levels. Please wear warm clothing such as sweaters, socks and long pants.

Cost is $60 for 4 weeks